iScripts turnkey company is a Scam?

Rate: 95%
Company: iScripts Turnkey Company
Purpose: 17 unique web based products

iScripts turnkey company is a Scam? Here is an Honest Review.. Their company motto is "Business model in a script." That is all a Turnkey Website is anyway very simple it's just a simple script. Well are they a scam? The answer is NO. After long extensive reviews of all their products. They turned out to be a very reputable and dynamic company. They showcase 17 web based products: SocialWare, Easy Snaps, MultiCart, AutoHoster, Backuper, EasyCreate, e Swap, GoStores, Easy Biller, VisualCaster, SupportPRO Support Desk, ReserveLogic, CyberMatch, SonicBB, EasyIndex, EasyWebSurvey, Calgo

iScripts SocialWare is a Social Networking Engine. The product goes for $99 it is currently in version 2.2 runs on Windows or Linux computer platforms. It allows you to create your own social network like MySpace, Orkut, Friendster, Linkedin and Facebook. With iScripts SocialWare you can easily set up and manage a social network on your own site and host it on your own servers. This software enables you to create your own branded social network like MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Orkut etc. since the application is hosted on your own server, you have complete control over every aspect of the site. This is an extremely easy way to implement a social network and will get your service up and running in minutes. iScripts SocialWare is for webmasters who would like to bring in large amount of viral traffic to their web site. So of course I continued to review its other products to see if iScripts turnkey company is a scam?

iScripts EasySnaps retails at $49.95 it is currently in version 2.0 runs on platforms Linux or Windows. iScripts EasySnaps is an image hosting script with feature-rich web-based image hosting software that can be configured to provide both free and paid (commercial) services. This software will help you create your own image hosting web site in minutes. Its template system allows integration into your existing website by customizing. If you are creating a commercial site, you can also charge your users every month or annually. iScripts EasySnaps supports, 2checkout, Yourpay, Google Checkout and Paypal payment gateways. It is a great product. So the question in the back of my mind was diminishing that iScripts turnkey company is a scam. I said to myself if it was it wasn't because of this particular product.

iScripts MultiCart it retails for $99 currently in version 2.2 runs on platforms Linux or Windows. It is a Multi vender shopping cart I found it to offer solutions to online shopping carts it also enables you to have one storefront and multiple vendors for physical or digital (downloadable) products. iScripts MultiCart 2.2 is perfect for dealing with small, independent merchants such asart stores, craft stores, webmaster store, collectibles, antiques, , etc. The store operator provides operational, marketing support in exchange for a commission. Orders are communicated directly to the vendors who can ship the item to the seller. Vendors add products, update prices, upload pictures and ship items to customers. iScripts MultiCart 2.2 also supports credit card processing payment gateways like, Yourpay, Worldpay, Google Checkout and Paypal. It also supports affiliate programs, multiple skins, Catalogue, Easy installer, etc. This virtual shopping mall solution is completely customizable, as the source code is not encrypted.

iScripts Autohoster retails for $199 currently on it's first version runs on platforms Linux or Windows. iScripts AutoHoster is an Integrated Management tool for Web Hosts it provides you effective and simple Web Hosting Management functions from domain registration, recurring, site builder to an online helpdesk. You can manage all the aspects of a web hosting business with iScripts AutoHoster. This easy- to- use software manages real-time domain registration, account creation, account management, invoicing, billing, online site building, ticket support and more. All the billing and invoicing is effectively managed by this script, including recurring billing and one time billing. It even comes with an integrated helpdesk and a powerful sitebuilder. You literally can start your hosting business in a few minutes and let your clients make their online presence in an even shorter amount of time.

iScripts Backuper retails for $49.99 curently in version 2.1 runs on platforms Linux or Windows it is a system for offering private labeled online backup service to your clients. You can provide the client software for your clients to backup their computer backup to to their drives or your server. if Contact us at they will give you more info or even a demo. When they offered a demo I no longer was asking myself the question I scripts turnkey company is a scam anymore.

iScripts EasyCreate retails at $149.95 curently in version 1.1 runs in platforms Linux or Windows. Give your clients the ability to create their own web sites with this software. iScripts EasyCreate is an online web site building tool that can be hosted on your server to provide online web site building services to your clients. It can be an independent business or part of your current site. EasyCreate is easily customizable - incorporating your logo, marketing messages, custom support links and branding information on the application interface. As the application is hosted on your server, you have complete control over the workings of the site. It is an easy to install application can have your web site building service up and running in minutes. In addition, users can select from pre-existing professional layouts. It is a perfect addition for web hosts, web designers, ISPs and virtual communities. The software supports payments through Paypal, 2Checkout, LinkPoint, and Google Checkout.

iScripts e Swap retails for $99 currently in version 2.0 runs on Linux or Windows platforms with iScripts e Swap you can create your own virtual swap meet website within virtually minutes with iScripts eSwap. End-users can list items for swap, sell or buy. Let end-users swap unwanted items for things that they do want! They can also list their wish list for trade. eSwap lets you charge users a fee for listings, featured listings and optional escrow services. Credit card payments are supported through, YourPay gateway, Paypal and Google Checkout. Offline payment methods are also supported. The admin section allows you to have multiple categories, sub categories and control of every aspects of the business.

iScripts Go Stores retails for $49.95 currently in version 1.1 runs on platforms Linux or Windows. iScripts GoStores is an instant store creator.It lets you instantly deliver a full fledged feature rich e-commerce website for your customers. Your customers can either register a domain with you or use their existing domain name to start their e-commerce mall.

iScripts EasyBiller is an online billing service for businesses retails for $99 currently in version 1.1 runs on platforms Linux or Windows. iScripts EasyBiller is an easy online billing, account management and invoicing software for service businesses. It is a powerful invoicing system that allows you to send invoices by email or through web interface to your clients. You can bill your clients on a recurring, one time or anniversary billing basis. Billing can be processed through credit cards, Paypal, Google Checkout and Yourpay. As the PHP source code is not encrypted, you can fully customize the look of your billing system to suit your requirements. You can brand the entire web site by setting your own logo, brand information, marketing messages, custom support links, etc. on the application interface. Since the software is hosted on your server, you have complete control over the workings of the site and your customer data. This reliable, flexible and easily configurable Software Package comes with an integrated helpdesk software to manage your customer support queries efficiently.

iScripts Visual Caster is a very good visual script retails for $47 currently in it's first version form 1.0 runs on platforms Linux or Windows. It allows you to share your videos with others through this video hosting and sharing script. iScripts VisualCaster can help you start a video sharing web site like YouTube and Metacafe, and with a host of exciting features, it can drive in huge crowd to your site. Built on a PHP-MySQL combination, it exhibits a high level of performance even under low bandwidth, making your video hosting easy and simple. It is customizable, as the source code is not encrypted.

iScripts SupportPRO SupportDesk retails $99.95 currently in version 3.0 runs on platforms Linux or Windows is a very powerful web -based Helpdesk system for your online established business, handling your customer inquiries effectively and on time must have you constantly worried. SupportDesk is very flexible; one can use it to automate virtually any manual process that needs tracking, routing or managing.

iScripts ReserveLogic retails for $99.95 currently in version 3.0 runs on platforms Linux or Windows it is an online reservation script offers an online web based hotel reservation system for service providers at affordable prices. You can buy the software, install it in your server and that's it.

iScripts CyberMatch retails for $147 currently in version 1.0 runs on platforms Linux or Windows. iScripts CyberMatch is a turnkey online dating software allows you to start a full fledged dating site in minutes. This script can be used to create your own Dating, Personals, Adult or Matrimonial Site. Features like background check make iScripts CyberMatch very secure and unique. Added features Instant Messenger will bring the site users more closer thereby making your site more popular. Multiple payment gateways are supported.

So, is iScripts turnkey company a scam?

-- much to my surprise!--


  • Below are 4 very valuable Scripts for that they offer absoultely FREE

iScripts SonicBB is offered for FREE currently in version 1.0 and runs on platforms Linux or Windows. Promote your online community with a bulletin board package. iScripts SonicBB is a user-friendly and fully customizable bulletin board software that is compatible with any installed web server/operating system combo with PHP 4.x or higher. SonicBB is designed to meet all your community creation requirements, such as creating, managing and promoting your online community.

iScripts EasyIndex is also offered FREE of charge it is a business directory script currently in it's first version 1.0 runs on platforms Linux or Windows. Create professional business directories effortlessly. iScripts EasyIndex can create business directories to be stand-alone or part of an existing web site. Both vertical directories as well as broad geographical directories are supported. The software provides a powerful administrative area to manage users, listing, description, etc. Users can manage their listing and postings any time with or without an administrator's permission.

iScripts EasyWebSurvey offered FREE it makes online surveys made easy currently in version 1.0 runs on platforms Linux or Windows. You can Get instant feedback from your existing and potential customers through the use of surveys. iScripts EasyWebSurvey gets you going with online electronic surveys with unlimited question-and-answer methods for data collection, analysis, reporting and feedback from your existing and potential customers about all facets of your products and services .It enables you to create an unlimited number of surveys hosted on your own servers. You can send these out to an unlimited number of respondents, and you can also create professional, multi-page surveys on your web site for market research. EasyWebSurvey allows for different query types: open response, and single and multiple response. In addition, EasyWebSurvey will summarize the results in professional charts.

iScripts Calgo also offered FREE currently in version 1.0 only runs on a Windows platform. iScripts Calgo is a very powerful web based calendar system for community as well as enterprise use. It supports unlimited calenders along with added features like event schedulers , event categories etc. iScripts Calgo allows online scheduling , set recurring events, set online alerts and many other features! Share your calendar with all your friends and relatives- iScripts Calgo is very versatile allowing repeating events, all-day events, shared calendars, import/ export support, groups etc.

please go and visit their site today and I will let you be the judge if iScripts turnkey company is a scam or not. You be the judge!!

this has been a review by Dusty Crawford. if you have any comments please feel free to leave a reply. thank you for taking the time to read my review!! best of luck online

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Rate: 92%
Company: Dot Com Builder
Purpose: static pages, 550 featured websites in 32 categories

Dot com builder is located and operated in Kansas City, Missouri USA.

I found there site to be very organized and user friendly. Their policies and monthly membership packages are well listed and up front. Dot Com Builder is a membership service. There are no contracts and you are free to use their hosting or move your site to another Webhost of you choice.

Working examples
When you visit their site you will find that they have actual working examples of their website. On my first encounter with them I sent them an email about questions and I received a response back to the answers within about 12 hours.

Membership packages
They offer a standard membership cost of $29 per month. A quarterly $79 membership renewal $59 for 3 months. A 6 month package $129 renewal $99 per 6 months and a yearly subscription of $199 membership renewal $149 per year.

Their Installer
I found easy to use you basically fill out a form about your domain name and information to personalize your site. It is compatible with any Unix/Linux and CPanel compatible hosting service on any domain name.

Basic Plan
Their basic plan offers Free Hosting from dotcom servers and Accounts also feature private CPanels with 100 MB of space, 2000 MB of Bandwidth and Unlimited email, Unlimited sub domains and Unlimited MySQL databases.

Membership includes
there are no limits on the turnkey installs; you can create any of their website’s from their selection turnkey catalogue as many times as you like. However you are only allowed to download 5 templates per day. They have a wide range of scripts to choose from a standard one page informational static page site to a standard regular sized website. Besides their original editions of their featured turnkey website’s. You also will have access to over 300 plus Website templates, complete with HTML CSS and Photo shop files. As long as you are a member you have access to these services.

DotCom offers a download license system. You buy a license to create website’s and you can create sites for other people however they do stipulate that the license is only valid for the individual owner and no third party downloading allowed. If you have other employees that you wish to download on your account you do have the option to purchase additional licenses. Due to space constraints of this article. I suggest you follow up and read up more about their system on their site in further detail.

Premium Package
They offer a Premium sales platform. As a turnkey reseller you can keep 100% of your profits. I did not find anything out of the industry standard that did not apply for this kind of product.. Once you create and sell a webstie for a customer the website will continue to be owned and operated by your customer even long after if you are no longer have membership with Dot Com however I suggest you read in more detail of the terms and conditions of this.
Their turnkey scrips are updated about 2 or 3 times a month. In these updates they add new businesses concepts from the feedback suggestions of the members and new designs for existing businesses.

Customer Service
Customer service 24/7 they have a ticket support system. If you have any further questions about their service, they have a toll free number to speak with someone business hours are Monday - Friday 9a - 5p telephone number 866-655-2278

Refund Policy
Please read their refund policy As with any software or down loadable product, they do not accept returns or issue refunds. Once you download their products to your local machine, due to the nature of the turnkey product, logistically they can not be "returned". They however do look at returns on a case by case basis.

Did you find this review helpful? Please feel free to leave a comment

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Rate: 84%
Company: Turnkey Pages
Purpose: 56 Niche categories, no drop ship fees, ecommerce

Roughly 56 categories: You can build a super mall if you like. You can sell you store products on eBay for a profit if you like.

They can custom build your site or after purchase you get full rights to the site and the domain name.

Drop Shipping
There ar no dropshipping fees or minimal ordering requirement the dropshipping prices are very competitive the margin can be between 15% and 55%. Note most dropshippers ship internationally you will have to ask each dropshipper if they do or not. The dropshipper also handles the shipping and returns. The dropshippers that they use are very reliable with good delivery track records. low shipping rates and great return policies.

the inventory is all handled by the dropshipper they do all the packaging and shipping for you.
The site has preinstalled Paypal and can accept credit cards or check on delivery. All you have to do is change the Paypal email or the merchant account information to yours and you are ready to accept orders

Within 12 hours
After receiving the payment, the site will be transferred to you within 12 hours. In most cases you will receive the website, instructions and the domain transferred to you within couple of hours.

Admin panel
the admin/control panel allows you to add and delete products as you like. You can place ads from Google or Yahoo if you like

Online support
online support is 24/7 and free

No hosting contract
Hosting is $9.99/month and you are free to move you site at anytime. Please note if you move your site you no longer will have support from turnkey pages.

Return Policy
Please visit there site and read more throughly.

Risk/Reward explaination
Turnkey pages site is very well laid out all website prices are upfront and labled very good diagrams of explaining your risk/reward and profit to loss ratio with a turnkey company. Something in reviewing and researching I haven't come across.
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Rate: 87%
Company: Store b2b
Purpose: dropship 24/7 internet store, Auction on Ebay,Nextag,Yahoo Shopping

StoreB2B supplies you with your store items through wholesale for selling on your online store. You choose the items that you want to sell. The set up is fast. The actual set up takes about 10 or so minutes they claim 3 but about 10 minutes. I must add it is quicker if in advance you have already established your domain name.

StoreB2B is a blend of a direct Wholesale dropshipper and an easily operated 24/7 Internet Store. Your store comes populated with the hottest selling wholesale items that they handle directly through dropship for you directly from their warehouse. Powered by Megagoods inc.

You can Choose a domain name from their list and it will be set up instantly, Free of Charge.

They also have a system where you can get items to sell and aution them off on sites such as eBay, Ubid, Amazon and others. You take the item from your store, list it on auction and once the sale is complete login to your account and place an order. They will locate the item in their warehouse, pack it and dropship it on your behalf directly to your customer.

In addition to providing you with a pre-stocked Internet store they also give you all the necessary tools to sell on auction sites, such as eBay, and Shopping Search Engines.

Their package also offers Free data feeds for eBay Turbolister,, Nextag and Yahoo Shopping. These tools will allow you to build strong Internet presence and good customer database.

I was very impressed by the amount of item selection that they offered.

They offer live customer service to all members with a live, customer service team. The number is toll free in the US and Canada.

More features:

  • Access to the Name brand selling items at a Wholesale Price.
  • A Wide Variety of Brand Name Merchandise, such as: Apple Ipods, Xbox 360, Motorola, WII, Samsung, Sony and more.
  • A Customer Support Team available to your customers for product inquiries and ordering assistance.
  • Easily reachable Member Support staff via a toll free Telephone number.
  • A FREE Unique Individual Domain Name for your store or the option to use your own existing domain.
  • A FREE Blind Drop Shipping Services.
  • Easy Order Placement.
  • An expedite Order Fulfillment from transition of order to customer.
  • Web Site Hosting Included.
  • A FREE payment processing with Basic Set Up. Pay no Credit Card/PayPal fees, they pay this for you!
  • Over 50 templates to choose from with a wide variety of customizable options.
  • Products Data Feeds for the top Shopping Search Engines.
  • A FREE eBay Turbo Lister Product Data Feed.
  • A Fast and Easily accessible Ticketing System for help with any questions or concerns.
  • Add your own HTML code.
  • Add your own Advertisement Content.
  • Add your own Company Logo.
  • Add your own products to your website. (Up to 1000 of your own items at no additional charge.)
  • Change the look and feel of your website any time with an easy interface with the click of your mouse.
  • Easy and User Friendly Software.
  • Set your own product prices.
  • Choose and Pick the Items You want to sell.
  • Monitor your sales and profits in REAL TIME.
  • Monitor your store Traffic in REAL TIME with Store Statistics.
  • Order confirmation is sent via email to you and your buyer.
  • Easy and Comprehensive Order History Records.
  • Tracking Information provided directly to your buyers within minutes of their order shipment.
  • Complete Control of your store categories. Add, Edit or Delete the categories in your store.
  • Establish long term, repeat customers using newsletter and promotional email opportunities included with their advanced store options.
  • Prefer to be in full control of Order Payment Processing and Customer Relations? Take control into your own hands with the Advanced Store Settings.
  • Add a Sitemap file to your website.
  • Add, Edit or Remove website Pages such as About Us, and Contact Us.

    They give you a 7 day free trail which I will have to add is only a test drive. and if you are new to turnkey systems isn't really enough trial period. Which really should be 30 days but is still good.

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Rate: 89%
Company: Build a Niche Store
build a niche store, target a niche market using ebay, online busineses

(BANS) Build a Niche Store - is a website storefront concept that enables the user to create content based sites that generate income through Ebay affiliate programs.

The company has been around since 2006
BANS - currently has a user base of over 9,000 users worldwide and supports Ebay affiliate programs in 11 markets worldwide Build A Niche Store currently supports eBay Australia, Belgium, Canada, Spain, France, India, Italy, Netherlands, Singapore, United Kingdom and the United States meaning that you can build your own affiliate stores made up of products listed for sale in any one of these eleven eBay marketplaces.

BANS - comes in a 5 part basic package. - easy to use control panel or interface as it is called.
part 1: The store/Site Builder - The Content Management System (CMS) which they refer to as the "BANS admin panel" is the core part of the product inside which you build and develop your niche store(s).
part 2: Installation and User Manuals - (2 manuals) - The first (Installation) walks you through becoming an eBay affiliate, puchasing a domain name, setting up a hosting account and installing BANS and the second (User) then shows you how to build and develop your niche store or stores. Both are written in a simple step by step lesson format with lots of images to help make the learning curve as small as possible
part 3: Customizable Template Layouts - A selection of professional templates are provided along with a CSS templating guide (found inside the community forum area) which shows you how to modify them as per the requirements of your particular project.
We also provide a pdf document called "BANS Friendly Templates" which shows you how to make any template "BANS friendly" so that you can simply upload it to your BANS admin panel and select it for your site.
part 4: A (BANS) Community Forum - What began as a basic support forum has evolved into an incredibly deep community forum with an active user base and close to 100,000 posts relating to building, developing, marketing and monetizing niche stores. Discussion sections cover everything from "using BANS" to niche and keyword research, development ideas and marketing strategies.

Reseller restrictions: When you purchase Build A Niche Store you receive one licensed copy of the script which entitles you to build as many niche stores as you want.
This license in non-transferrable.
Therefore, if you sell a website built with Build A Niche Store or which has Build A Niche Store installed upon it you will need to state in your site sales pitch that:
1. Your site uses Build A Niche Store
2. That this is a licensed script and that the buyer will need their own copy of the product, and
3. That a license fee costs $97
You must also include a link to the Build A Niche Store website so that potential buyers know where they will need to purchase their licensed copy from
You are not allowed to rent your store.

Support: There support is a file a ticket, based system.

Screenshot Examples: Bans has a screenshot section of user built stores that all target niche markets to give you an idea about the product.

Testimonials: Do not forget to read their testimonials

Return Policy: Bans has a return policy based through their advertiser CLICKBANK it is as follows. We sell Build A Niche Store through - a specialized retailer of digital products. ClickBank will, at its option, replace or repair any defective product within 8 weeks from the date of purchase. After 8 weeks all sales are final.
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Rate: 85%
Company: Built2Go
Purpose: pre-made e-commerce websites, online businesses

Built 2 Go is located and operates out of the US that has been around on the net for over 4 years now. They offer a very reasonable system you pay a membership and you are allowed to to download any of their scripts. Since the nature of a turnkey website be aware that they do not offer any refunds on the website once it is downloaded. which they are up-front about their policies and purchase procedures.

It seems that they are staying well ahead of the competition. I was very impressed with their website layout. Their site products seemed to have a nice professional touch to them. They basically have 2 types of offered sites Members section and Limited versions of sites. Their site is user friendly, very organized and straightforward for the member if they wish to download a site script simply point and click. They are continually adding new updated scripts for download on a regular basis.

Built2Go's Support:
Support system called PMOS - a ticket system

Member section products featured are:

auction systems
classified ads
News manager
personal systems
rate my photo
real estate
search and links
shopping systems
movie reviews
car dealer
restaurant review
web hosting review

They also offer a Limited edition section of sites that may be exclusive and retired to the owner

They offer a variety of stock images with products
Stocked photos, Box art, Theme stock

Working Scripts
The script portion of the Built2Go templates are programmed in PHP, and require use of a mySQL database. Additional items in the download packages include sliced HTML files, Photoshop PSD files, advertising banners in animated gif, static gif, and Photoshop or Illustrator PSD files. Lastly, each kit comes with a Corporate ID including Letterhead, Logo, Envelope, and Fax Cover Sheet in Adobe Photoshop PSD format.

Built2Go has a:
- membership system - you join you have access to download any script of your choosing.
no 3rd party script downloading allowed

-good uptime record
-discounts for multiple script installments
-easy access to stock photos, box art, theme stock cms skins
-great pre-packaged websites
-custom limited websites as well
-free java scripts
-turnkey templates
-forums section
-free clip art resource
-free webmaster resource
-e-book covers
-product boxes
- web design tutorials

review disclaimer:

This is a review based on candid opinions and observations. In no way is it advice or a substitute for good common sense research of a company and all of its offered products. It is strictly for informational purposes to inform and assist those in the market for purchasing their own ecommerce website. It is strongly advised that if you are investing in a turnkey website
companies services that you read and re-read and understand all of their policies
and procedures before signing on the dotted line.
Did you find this review helpful? If you have any experience with this company
please feel free to leave a comment
I publish all clean uncensored comments.
thanks for reading my article
Dusty Crawford
online product reviewer.
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Rate: 59%
Company: Turnkey Nation
Purpose : ready made e-commerce "turnkey" website business to make money online.
It's No Secret
Turnkey Websites have been around online for quite sometime. These ready made Website businesses are completely functional and maintained turnkey means ready made. These Websites create extra income streams for thousands of people day in and day out in over 200 countries worldwide. You may have seen and info mercials on TV about this subject but may or may not have known what it was all about. Jeff Paul shortcut to internet millions is one. Of course I am not affiliated with him in no way. Once you purchase your website all you have to do is turn the key turn it on and it will work for you 24/7 even after you turn off your computer people will still visit your Website business. you 100% own it.
Easy Point and click interface Control panel
Turn Key Nation offers a simple built in point and click control panel in which you can run your whole website you have 100% complete control of it and its profits. You don't need to know one single thing about programming to run any of their websites. Even if you have never owned or ran a website. They allow you add new products, change prices, add categories, send out newsletters, run specials, and much much more with simple clicks of your mouse.
3 days transition
Turnkey Nation sets up and launches your website. It takes about 3 business days after ordering for your website to but up and running. After a one time purchase fee it and it is launched you run and have have full control of your website business you can maintain it run day to day operations advertise it market it etc.
There are no hidden fees. There is a onetime purchase fee. They offer you 1 year of free hosting with no contract after the year is up you are free to either stay with turnkey nation or move your site elsewhere. They offer great marketing support through a wealth of e-books tips and hints and various information on how to market your website. They also offer great website support.
Custom built Websites
You can either purchase a prebuilt website or a custom built e-commerce website if you prefer. Since you 100% completely own your website you are free to change any of the graphics or color coordination of your Web site to fit your tastes.
Yes you can Even Resell your Website
If you website becomes valuable which a lot of websites do you can even re-sell your website company. sites and packages range for every budget from $49 to $399 - $899 no hidden fees every price is itemized on their site
Turnkey Nation offers Website in Categories:They have a complete niche for just about every product below is just a few that caught my eye.
of course visit their site for complete categories>>
Ad sense
Non Affiliates
Art Websites
Bath N Body
Nation offers other free features such as:
Free Website builder
E-Commerce Templates
Website Templates
I was also surprised that for many of their Drop ship Websites they offer full product automation. **note this is only for drop ship websites. which require a lot of inventory maintenance.
However their Data consolidation services run $9.99 fee per month. I found this to be very reasonable considering that I found that similiar services with other companies ran upwards from $50 per month.

Rating Turnkey Nation
Overall I found Turnkey Nation to be very credible they have been around for 7 years or so and they offer a multitude of niche sites and products and is a great starting place for the professional website owner to the most novice owner just starting out. I liked the fact that they keep it simple. Especially on a topic that can at times be very complex. All of the sites were well organized and in alphabetical order and all prices were fully labeled with no hidden costs or fees. They are very up front of what they offer. Their customer service reply time is very poor. Average response time can take up to 3 days. When you call the toll free number you are asked to leave your number and they will call you back. When you visit their site also do not forget to check out their testimonials.

I hope this review was helpful to you in some way. thanks for reading it. Add a comment if you like.
This Online Product Review is by Dusty Crawford email:
A website owner and blogger. Author of

A mentoring program of sorts designed to teach the serious blogger or website owner to improve their quality of life through residual income from internet businesses. part time or full time